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Barclays Driveways Ltd can install, re-surface or repair any tarmac or asphalt driveway. We are equipped with a large range of machinery suitable to handling any sized project. For areas including roads and open driveways we can use our own barber green to give you a perfect level and smooth area. Interested in having a more custom driveway done with tarmac? This can be done at amazing value and leave a driveway looking unique. 

Tarmac cost wise falls mid range between paving and gravel in price and installation. It drops significantly in cost if you are just re-surfacing an existing area in comparison to a complete fresh install which would involve removing the existing driveway and / or installing a new base if you have no pre-existing base. Depending on your choice and the existing surface that is already there, we can provide you with a great value option for your own driveway. 

We can provide you options on edgings for your tarmac surface, steps and borders that you can choose to have installed along with your tarmac driveway. Drainage will be assessed and installed as required to ensure no water pools. Get the right tarmac contractor, trust a long standing and long term business with years of experience Call Barclays Driveways today for a free quote.

Tarmac Ramsgate
Tarmac Thanet
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