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Our team at Barclays Driveways Ltd can install a large range of gravel surfaces. Over the years some of the finest gravel and shingle stones have been sourced from quarries to ensure a wide range of choices are available when it comes to picking the size and colour of your new gravel driveway. We can accommodate any sized driveway, large or small. For a  driveway we would recommend going with a larger stone as its easier to negotiate the vehicles on vs the smaller shingle size which is much more suitable for the rear of a house, patio area or as a weed cover for your flower beds.

If you are looking for a low cost alternative for your driveway or patio area, we highly recommend using shingle or gravel. The installation of gravel including the material cost is significantly cheaper especially on larger areas like driveways. The gravel itself can vary largely in size and colour. We can provide samples to help you choose the right colour and size for your home.

Enhancing the look of any house when it is done right. You can combine it with paving blocks or use a paving border as a restraint to give it an added effect. Some owners prefer a smooth surface as an entrance to the house so we provide an option where you can gravel the driveway and directly in front of the house, we can insert a nice paving area to split the gravel area and allow a clean and smooth entrance to the house.

As you can see with shingle and gravel, you have a variety of options available with it. If you are contemplating a gravel driveway or patio, please call us. We can give you a free no obligation quotation and go through the benefits and installation phases of choosing a gravel driveway for your home. 

Gravel driveway with block edging
Gravel driveway

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